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There is something about a Royal Wedding that seems to bring out a smidge more patriotism in most of us, and we begin to remember that the UK hasn’t got it so bad after all. And of course like we mentioned here it turns our attention more towards what the Royals are wearing for a classic British style.
The wonderful thing about the quintessential British look with all of its traditions, is that is always in style somewhere. Perhaps it may not be at the forefront of cutting edge fashion, but it tends to be good quality, made to last and a look that suits all ages. So here’s how to set about assembling your own traditional British style.
A bit of tweed
There are some fantastic clothing traditions in the UK, but one of the most stereotypical ones that tends to crop up, is the use of tweed. Although in the past it has suffered somewhat from a fuddy-duddy image, these days the fashion-conscious all over the world are appreciating it for its lovely colour palette, warmth and durability.
Harris Tweed from the Scottish Isle of Harris is probably the best known of British tweeds, although Linton Tweed is another notable one that makes the cloth for those iconic little Chanel jackets. These days there are loads more colour choices and you don’t always have to stick to the classic jacket (also we do love the look!) what with useable pieces like bags and gloves.
Don’t mind a bit of tartan either

And if we’re going to talk about tweed, then we also have to talk about tartan too! Okay so if you’re a Scottish guy you probably already do own a kilt or a pair of tartan trews, but tartan really is for everyone. You just have to take a look at the popularity of tartan skirts to see just how big a trend it is.
Another great way to add a touch of tartan to your outfit is with your accessories; a pair of slipper-esque shoes for example is both traditional and cool, a scarf, or even a wallet with a tartan design. There is no shortage of tartan to choose from so pick a piece that you’re going to wear.
Natty knits

Looking at the positives of our great British weather, at least we can get away with wearing cosy and stylish knitwear year round! There are all kinds of knitting traditions from around the UK like Fair Isle, Aran cabling, Jersey sweaters and lots more, so you really are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out a classically cosy piece of knitwear.
For a timeless piece that’s going to go with practically everything in your wardrobe, an Aran knit is perhaps the most versatile since it is usually knitted in a natural cream colour or soft grey. The intricate cables will keep you lovely and warm, and they are beautiful too. Look out for a piece that has a good wool content, or even better, find a willing knitter to make one for you…
The Wellington boot
Another style staple that lends itself perfectly to the rather damp British climate is of course the Wellington boot which is popular these days both in the country and city, and is of course a festival must-have.
For the Wellington boot with the Royal approval, it’s got to be Hunter, and they have got such a good range these days of stylish wellies for all sorts of occasions – it’s not like we need much of an excuse to don a pair! There are plenty of budget options out there too, although for the classic look it’s probably best to stick to either bottle green, navy blue or pillar box red.
Toasty quilting
A quilted jacket is (in our book at least) a style essential, and since it is a key part of a country gent/farmer’s wardrobe, invest in one for your own wardrobe. This sort of jacket is just so handy since it is lightweight, fitted enough to be smart, will keep off a rain shower and will keep you warm against a chill wind.
Traditionally with a contrasting corduroy collar and trimmings, look for ones with a patterned lining, deep pockets and turn-up collar for the Royals at Balmoral sort of style. Plus it’ll look great dressed down with some jeans and wellies, or with a smarter ensemble too.
The focus of this quintessentially British style should be on quality pieces rather than on quantity. To achieve this look you don’t actually need a whole host of clothes, just a few key pieces that are of top quality and that will stand the test of time.
Always in fashion because it is so classic, introduce some of the key fashion traditions of the UK for a more sustainable wardrobe.

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