The newest Royal style icons

We’ve been studying the clothes of Kate Middleton and Prince Wills for years now (or rather we should say the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), and it’s almost become second nature to us. Add into this the fact that Kate enjoys mixing in high end high street pieces into her look, and you have a serious style icon. Some new kids are on the block though; what with Price Harry’s and Megan Markle’s upcoming nuptials, they’re all set to be the new Royal trendsetters.
Since Royals are so constantly under scrutiny in the public eye, their clothing is always flawless, and especially for special and formal occasions, their classy look is one we can hope to emulate, although perhaps on a somewhat smaller budget.
Firstly taking Prince Harry, who’s sort of the scruffy Royal who still manages to be roguishly handsome, we’ll take a look at his formal and casual wardrobe. With his gingery hair and light beard, he tends to sport a navy blue suit, which sets off his colouring and blue eyes to perfection. Blue is a great alternative to black which can look a bit severe especially on paler skin tones, and is much more fun than grey.
Prince Harry is also a bit of a sportsman, and having been a soldier and an avid rugby fan, for his casual wear he tends to favour things like rugby tops, sturdy boots, durable jeans and a practical quilted jacket. Chances are some of these things are lurking in your wardrobe already!
There’s no doubt about it that like her soon-to-be sister-in-law Kate, Megan Markle is definitely blessed in the beauty department, meaning that pretty much whatever she chooses to wear is going to look absolutely gorgeous. She always keeps it classy though, favouring a neutral colour palette of shades like black, grey, camel and white.
And with her figure she tends to go for streamline and slim-fitting pieces that don’t flaunt anything, but are still extremely flattering. Her casual wardrobe is just as elegant and classy as more formal affairs, featuring classic shirts, well-fitted trousers, polo neck jumpers and gorgeous handbags. And even better, she’s a fan of good quality high street pieces like Kate, having previously sported items from the likes of M&S! And her best fashion accessories of all? Her radiant smile and tumbling raven locks.
For a look that’s always classy and ready for any occasion, it’s time to turn our gaze to the fashion of Harry and Megan. And with their wedding coming along later this spring, we’re going have plenty of time to scrutinise it!

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