Sportswear casual is oh-so-chic

These days it is often a toss-up between whether or not somebody has just been to the gym or yoga studio, or is simply enjoying the benefits of comfortable and practical sportswear which remain a huge trend right now.

Sure you might feel a tad guilty about wearing your sports leggings to run to the shops rather than to work up a sweat at the gym, but you might as well enjoy the best of both worlds. It is so easy to create an oh-so-chic sportswear casual look that is perfect for when you’re out and about. Here are just a few of our favourite pieces that will look great and will give you that cool sporty look.
Space-dye leggings, M&S £17.50
For the ladies, leggings are a staple part of the sportswear trend, so we are loving these space-dye leggings from M&S. Available in 4 gorgeous delectable shades, including the delicious berry shown in the picture, these have a high enough waist so that we’re not constantly hiking them up, and have buttons on the ankle which add a cute little touch. Plus happily enough, they are a total bargain!
Soul Cal fleece shorts, Sport Direct £12
For guys, leggings are less of an option and tend to really only be worn when you’re actually exercising. But comfy sweatpants and shorts are definitely in and are a great and comfortable way to enjoy some streetwear style with your sporty look. These shorts are as close to lounging around in your boxers as you’re going to get when you’re out of the house, and are an absolute bargain too! And even better, they’ve got a great range of colours to suit your style.
Down body-warmer, M&S, £35
Yet another piece from M&S (sorry but they’ve got such a great choice of colours and the quality is always good), this slim-fitting down body-warmer which is available in 6 fun shades, is the perfect wardrobe staple to throw on after the gym or when running errands. With 2 pockets plus a concealed hood for those rain showers, this will add some extra warmth without the bulk.
Half-zip hoodie, Jack Wills £64.95
A good quality hoodie is an essential for any guy’s wardrobe, and this one from top British retailer Jack Wills ticks all the right boxes. With its classic navy shade that’s going to go with everything, the half zip offers you the best of both worlds – no faff with zipping up from the bottom but perfect for cooling down a little. A classy casual look, this is one piece that you’re sure to get a lot of wear out of.
The sportswear look is definitely chic these days, so enjoy the extra comfort with your clothing choices.

The newest Royal style icons

We’ve been studying the clothes of Kate Middleton and Prince Wills for years now (or rather we should say the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), and it’s almost become second nature to us. Add into this the fact that Kate enjoys mixing in high end high street pieces into her look, and you have a serious style icon. Some new kids are on the block though; what with Price Harry’s and Megan Markle’s upcoming nuptials, they’re all set to be the new Royal trendsetters.
Since Royals are so constantly under scrutiny in the public eye, their clothing is always flawless, and especially for special and formal occasions, their classy look is one we can hope to emulate, although perhaps on a somewhat smaller budget.
Firstly taking Prince Harry, who’s sort of the scruffy Royal who still manages to be roguishly handsome, we’ll take a look at his formal and casual wardrobe. With his gingery hair and light beard, he tends to sport a navy blue suit, which sets off his colouring and blue eyes to perfection. Blue is a great alternative to black which can look a bit severe especially on paler skin tones, and is much more fun than grey.
Prince Harry is also a bit of a sportsman, and having been a soldier and an avid rugby fan, for his casual wear he tends to favour things like rugby tops, sturdy boots, durable jeans and a practical quilted jacket. Chances are some of these things are lurking in your wardrobe already!
There’s no doubt about it that like her soon-to-be sister-in-law Kate, Megan Markle is definitely blessed in the beauty department, meaning that pretty much whatever she chooses to wear is going to look absolutely gorgeous. She always keeps it classy though, favouring a neutral colour palette of shades like black, grey, camel and white.
And with her figure she tends to go for streamline and slim-fitting pieces that don’t flaunt anything, but are still extremely flattering. Her casual wardrobe is just as elegant and classy as more formal affairs, featuring classic shirts, well-fitted trousers, polo neck jumpers and gorgeous handbags. And even better, she’s a fan of good quality high street pieces like Kate, having previously sported items from the likes of M&S! And her best fashion accessories of all? Her radiant smile and tumbling raven locks.
For a look that’s always classy and ready for any occasion, it’s time to turn our gaze to the fashion of Harry and Megan. And with their wedding coming along later this spring, we’re going have plenty of time to scrutinise it!

Insouciant spring/summer style with stripes

The spring and summer months in the UK can be a bit erratic weather-wise – one day can be a snap heat wave and the next monsoon weather. One thing that is for sure though is the fact that we enjoy shedding our heavy layers of clothing in favour of lighter pieces that give us that wonderful joie de vivre of the season. And stripes are a big part of this seasonal look.



Maybe it’s because stripy pieces tend to be made out of lightweight cotton, or perhaps it’s because they are quite good at disguising perspiration. Whatever the reason, our fashion love affair with stripes is probably never going to end. Enjoy the season in the stripiest way possible.



Lilac is one of the biggest colours to hit the catwalks for this season, and the shade is going to be simply everywhere. And if you think that pastels aren’t quite your thing, do reconsider when it comes to lilac. Its delicate hue suits pretty much every skin type and colouring, and it is a great and perhaps slightly classier alternative to pink. So look out for stripy fashion pieces in lilac and white for a nod to the colour trend whilst still sporting some stripes.


For one of the most classic of summery striped looks, we’ve got to cross the English Channel to seek some inspiration from our Gallic neighbours. A Breton top in navy and white stripes is just such an easy unisex piece to wear that we’re not surprised that it’s never gone out of fashion. We suggest buying one that’s of a really good quality, since it’s the type of piece that you’ll be wearing for years to come. The number in the image is from iconic French brand Petit Bateau, and they have got a wonderful range of stripy cotton tops to keep you cool and looking chic this season.


Another unisex style staple, everybody should own a good pinstripe shirt since it is such a versatile piece and perfect for a smart-casual look. Again like for the Breton top, shop one that’s of really good quality since with proper care it’ll see you though many seasons. Ralph Lauren in particular do some great shades and fits, so check them out for an affordable designer piece that you’ll be able to wear lots.

And for the look of a gent that’s about to set out on a punt with a picnic, a lightweight seersucker jacket is such a fun look, and one that is reminiscent of the roaring 20s. Be brave and choose a pastel shade to keep the look in theme, and wear with a pair of classic chinos and boat shoes to really complete the vintage look.
Stripes will always be in style, so do think about the quality of the stripy garments that you do buy, since you’re sure to revisit them in your wardrobe again and again.

How to look fresh-faced in a morning

Not all of us are destined to be early birds that like catching the first worm, but what with studies, work, family and social lives, most of us don’t have the luxury of getting up when we like. This means that it can be tough to appear bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in a morning, no matter how much caffeine we manage to inject into our systems.
The good news though is that with an effective beauty regime you can combat that bleary-eyed appearance and start to look (and hopefully feel) great in a morning. With these handy tips you can waltz your way to fresh-faced beauty.
Cold water rinse
There is going to be nothing quite so effective first thing in a morning (and as your coffee or tea is hopefully in the process of brewing!) as jumping in a cold shower or at least giving your face a good wash in cold water. It may be a slight shock to the system but it’s bound to wake you up and leave you feeling fresh for the rest of the day.
Glass of ice cold water
Speaking of water, even before you reach for your first caffeine hit, try to glug down a glass of cold water too. This will help to rehydrate you after your night’s sleep, and is another way to wake you up. Plus, well-hydrated skin tends to be healthy looking skin, which is a step in the right direction when you want to look fresh-faced in a morning.
Shave at night
For the guys, unless you’ve got a beard, it is a good idea to take care of your facial hair in the evening before you go to bed. This means you won’t have to shave in the morning when you’re only half awake and pressed for time, and that the moisturiser you use post-shave has plenty of time to do its magic. And especially for more sensitive skin, this can be a great way to avoid razor burn in a morning.
Keep makeup light
When it comes to applying makeup, remember that less is more especially when you have to use artificial lighting like in winter. Thoroughly check that your foundation and concealer matches properly to your skin tone, and blend, blend, blend! Probably the easiest way to avoid those dreaded tide lines, is to use a fine mineral powder that you can buff into your skin and which will provide you with light yet good coverage for a flawless base.
Even for night owls, the bright-eyed look is achievable, so introduce these simple tips into your morning routine.